Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plunj Greensborough

Friday night made it out to Plunj Greensborough to see how WeSC Australia's Steve Mciness earns his dough and check out the first night of FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE!
Damn those are some sexy headphones...
plunj store looking pretty Superlative!
Dope light box campaign..
DJ M.A.F.I.A. kicking off the first FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE!!
Bibby losing his shit over WeSC! haha
Plunj store has a really good layout going on, very very classy
Mr. Mciness helping a kid witha set up (kid was so excited ran out of frame)

Brian @ WeSC Australia
Some great tees, denim, hoodies, in store
Steve working his counter magic... and he wasn't even working instore!
Make sure you check out Plunj and if you're a DJ or aspiring DJ submit your goods for Friday Night Live @ Plunj Greensborough and Geelong

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