Saturday, July 31, 2010


FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE has been kicking along with some great Melbourne DJ's playing in store; M.A.F.I.A., SCHMIKEY, MARK STONE, JAYCE and of course MOLUCK (1 Fish, Two Fish).

Part of Heat 1 the battle began with Luke Stein smashing the beats followed up by Galtier laying down some sexxxy and smooth disco and house beats.

Remember each friday night at Plunj in conjunction with WeSC - FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE DJ competition showcasing the very best of up and coming DJ talent. Finalists from each store will receive a $1000 gift voucher from WeSC and go into the grand final to spin off live on Kiss-FM! The grand prize winner will go on to host an episode of Speaker TV and play at Yellow @ Neverland.

This is one of the best ways to get your tunes heard on a large scale, and with brands such as WeSC and Kangol on board, you just never know where it could lead. Hit up the Facebook event here and submit your demo so you can be playing at either the Greensborough or Geelong stores.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Benny Fairfax X-Games Real Street Part!!! GO VOTE FOR BENNY!


PLUNJ in conjunction with WeSC proudly bring to you FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE, a DJ competition showcasing the very best of up and coming DJ talent.

SO If you are a DJ, know a DJ, or are related to a Dj then be sure to word them up as this is one DJ Competition that IS NOT to be missed!


Every Friday from 7-8.30pm a new DJ each week will get their chance to display their skills and lay down some beats at PLUNJ GEELONG and PLUNJ GREENSBOROUGH in hopes of being crowned the winner of PLUNJ and WeSC's FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE.

There are great prizes to be won with prizes and support coming from an array of amazing places:

- WESC (


3 Finalist will be chosen near the end of September and they will then play off against each other in-store for the FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE DJ FINAL.

A winner will then be crowned and the the winner of the PLUNJ GEELONG DJ competition will then play off against the winner of the PLUNJ GREENSBOROUGH Dj competition LIVE to air on:


A winner from the two will then be chosen with the overall winner being crowned the 'PLUNJ and WESC presents: FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE CHAMPION'.

The overall winner will receive the following prizes:

- A set at YELLOW @ Neverland (Melbourne)
- A $1000 WESC clothes voucher (which each store winner receives)
- A live set on KISS FM (for the final play-off)
- Co-host an episode of Speaker TV (

Selected weekly contestants will also receive WESC Headphones and KANGOL goodies!


So how does one enter such a great competition?

Well all you have to do is upload a mix (no shorter then 20 Minutes) of your deejaying to:


And email the link with a short bio, a picture and a link to your DJ page (if applicable) to BOTH:


MOLUCK, WeSC and The PLUNJ STAFF will then select applicants to play each week with successful entries being notified on the WEDNESDAY of each week. Giving you two days to prepare your set!


So spread the word and shout it from the roof-tops for if your a DJ this is certainly one competition YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!

For any information or enquiries please contact:

Plunj Geelong
52 22 66 02



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nothing like a little carcas toss...

had Monday off and found myself in the wonderful company of Steve and photographer extraordinaire Andrew Bibby...

First up was a spot with construction crews and wet ground everywhere.... but was worth a scope anyway! Steve (as always) was on a serious mission to get some last minute photos for his upcoming interview...
This sign pretty much sums up the chances of getting a trick in under those conditions...

So off it was to the next spot so Steve could put on his gnar boots and take care of business!

Sun started to come out so we were all hoping luck was on our side!

At the spot scoping it out.. pretty gnarly bank!

A little sweeping

View from the top proves this is some serious business..
Making sure the photo framing is all sexy.... or was he warming up for a Christ Air?
Well at least if Steve needed a tow UP the bank we had an answer...
Sometimes no matter how much you want a trick things just don't work out
But that definitely doesn't mean that it won't happen.... ROUND 3 HERE WE COME STEVE!!!

Benny Fairfax X-Games Real Street

Check out the super sick WeActivist Benny Fairfax and his Xgames Real Street part!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plunj Greensborough

Friday night made it out to Plunj Greensborough to see how WeSC Australia's Steve Mciness earns his dough and check out the first night of FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE!
Damn those are some sexy headphones...
plunj store looking pretty Superlative!
Dope light box campaign..
DJ M.A.F.I.A. kicking off the first FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE!!
Bibby losing his shit over WeSC! haha
Plunj store has a really good layout going on, very very classy
Mr. Mciness helping a kid witha set up (kid was so excited ran out of frame)

Brian @ WeSC Australia
Some great tees, denim, hoodies, in store
Steve working his counter magic... and he wasn't even working instore!
Make sure you check out Plunj and if you're a DJ or aspiring DJ submit your goods for Friday Night Live @ Plunj Greensborough and Geelong

Saturday, July 17, 2010

WeSC Yellow

Have you ever wondered about that yellow colour that WeSC seem to love (it’s everywhere man, in logos, campaigns, clothes, newsletters)? Well, the story behind it is that Greger and Pontus Karlsson were sitting chilling on a sidewalk down in Hermosa Beach, with Greger showing Pontus where he used to live and skate back in the days. The curb they were sitting on was painted in that typical curb yellow - and that colour came to represent WeSC and where the company stems from. The streets, skateboarding and living life as you choose.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the Skateboarder's Journal #16 in store now!

Check out the banging new Skateboarder's Journal #16, out now with the always stylish Tommy Fynn on the cover and also features an amazing Kurt Winter double page photo!


WeSC and Plunj - Calling All DJ's comp... Announce the winner of Friday Night Live will play a set at Yellow thanks to Future Entertainment and SpeakerTV!

Calling all DJ's...

Calling all DJ's... just a reminder that tomorrow is the first FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE event at Plunj Greensborough and Plunj Geelong. Make sure to get down there and check it out and get your entries in so you can win some awesome prizes!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunday Skates...

Being incredibly lazy here are a couple pics of a nice Melbourne Sunday Skate sesh with WeSC's Steve Mcinnes and friends. Its always good to have a nice sunny day in Winter!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WeSC Spring 2011 Fashion Show

Click on the pic to check out some photos from the WeSC Spring 2011 fashion show!
Good news: Like always the stuff is amazing
Bad news: Gotta wait til Feb 2011!
But luckily there's a lot of good stuff hitting stores now!

Kurt Winter in Grey Skateboard Magazine

Check out new London skate mag, Grey Skateboard Magazine.... awesome skate mag and all online for free! Even has a little Kurt Winter interview! Holy Switch Flip! (click the pic to go straight to Kurt!)

Inside WeSC with Mattias Hallencreutz

So are you one of those people that are itching for more WeSC info?
Sick little video about WeSC...

WeSC - Sweden from on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Up the Underdog

Get over to and enter to win an awesome prize package that includes some fresh WeSC gear!!!
One Up The Underdog:
To celebrate Kurt Winter's official announcement onto the adidas International team adidas Skateboarding along with Hype!, WeSC, Royal, and Ashbury are giving away a prize pack.
In order to win, simply "one up the underdog."
Check out Kurt's introducing video at:
and choose your favorite trick/line and recreate it yourself. Do whatever you want to make it your own, and try to one-up Kurt. The man himself will choose his favorite video and the winner will win:

2 pairs of adidas Skateboarding shoes
Hype! Skateboards Deck
Set of Royal Trucks
Ashbury Daytrippers sunnies
Assorted clothing pack from WeSC
Plus some other random stuff including tees and stickers from Kurt's sponsors

Simply upload the video into this thread and on Friday the 9th of July Kurt will choose the winner!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


What better way to launch the Canvas Distribution page than with an event? plunj & WeSC bring you Friday Night Live... See the flyer for more information!!! More to come, with great prizes and good times guaranteed you definitely want to be involved!