Thursday, October 28, 2010


Canvas are pleased to announce the distribution for Hot Tuna in Australia and New Zealand.

Born in the late '60s as an apparel company serving the needs of surfers in and out of the water, Hot Tuna stands today as one of the world's most iconic names in surf culture.

Since its birth in Australia, the brand has maintained a global, organic cult status among core action sports enthusiasts, which has transcended the generations and continues to find contemporary relevance in global youth fashion today.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There is nothing more fashionable than a fabulous hat!

There is nothing more fashionable than a fabulous
hat ... and we have six to giveaway!

The classic 504 Kangol cap is now available at Sydney's famous Strand Hatters and to celebrate Strand Hatter's have 6 to give away.

To win write your favorite Kangol Cap colour on the Strand Hatters Facebook Wall

Kangol produces a wide range of headwear that crosses generations and cultures. It's not just Hip-Hop and it's not just heritage, Kangol is not just a fashion brand. Kangol is a cultural fashion fusion, taking the very best of British heritage and classic Hip-Hop and mixing it with future fashion. Kangol seeks to satisfy a new generation of customers without discarding, abandoning or alienating the people who put it where it is today.

You'll find just about every style of popular hat at Strand Hatters. From Top Hats and Fedoras to Sombreros and Panamas; from a classic Western to a Fez; a Tweed Cap to a French Beret; a Pith Helmet to an Australian Bush Hat and just about everything in between. And, whether it's made from fur, felt, leather, straw, or fabric, your Strand Hatters hat will be of the highest quality.